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Welcome to my website!

Jöran BeelHere you find some information about me - Jöran Beel. You may use this site getting in touch with some projects I took part in or having a closer look to my travel reports and the photo gallery. If you just want to know my (email-) address check out the contact details.


28th April 2011: New Photos

Photo Gallery It has been a long, long time since the last update but now I uploaded new photos to the photo gallery from my journeys to India, Mexico and Canada. And also my publication list was updated.
15th September 2008: Various Updates

Photo Gallery I uploaded some photos from journeys to Syria, Norway and La Palma. Check out the photo gallery to see them. In the publications section you find information about a new book and two articles I published during the last couple of months.
9th August 2007: Photo Gallery Updated

Photo Gallery It took some time but now the photos of my Chile & Argentina trip are online. Check out the photo gallery to see them. In my opinion some photos are the best ones I have ever taken. Ok, I have to admit it is not that difficult to take nice pictures in such an amazing environment ;-).
12th January 2006: New Software Published

AccessAngel - Click to Visit the Project's Website Wouldn't it be nice if your computer could lock itself as soon as you are leaving your workspace, so no one could access your private data? And wouldn't it be nice if your computer could unlock itself as soon as you are coming back? Well, AccessAngel enables you computer exactly to do that! AccessAngel is a software running on all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS. Read more...
23th October 2005: Book published

ePass - WebsiteI finished the work on my book about the new electronic passport, called ePass. The book covers topics such as security concepts, biometrics, digital signatures, encryption and data privacy. The ePass is compulsory for all EU-citizens within the next years. The book is written in German, please feel free to visit the book's website.

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